3 reasons why I started my own Etsy shop

3 reasons why I started my own Etsy shop

Last wednesday I came across this blogpost: “3 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY DESIGNING PRINTABLES.”  I was so inspired, I decided to start my own Etsy shop. I came up with the name Lovely Designs For You and that’s how my Etsy shop was born. When I opened my shop, I didn’t have anything to sell. So on the same day I designed a to do list in four different colours and uploaded it, ready to sell. At the moment I have only three things at my shop. I’m busy with school, so I have to set priorities. But… there is more coming soon!

Printable ideas and notes list

The reasons
Maybe you’re thinking “That’s such an impulsive move“, but I have my reasons. So here they are:
1. I have a background in graphic design, and thought “Why not use those skills to earn a little bit money?
2. I love graphic designing! I wouldn’t make it my full time job, but I like it enough to do it in my free time.
3. It’s a new (creative) challenge, I’m ready for it! I don’t have any sells yet, so let’s call it a BIG challenge.

If you always wanted to open your own Etsy shop, keep in mind that the points above are the most essential. First of all, you have to know what you’re good at. Also, you have to love it. When you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work. Furthermore, keep in mind that succes won’t happen overnight. Don’t give up and just do it!

Do you have a Etsy shop, what’s your story?

xoxo Kiki


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